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How to protect hydraulic pump when working?

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The working form of breaking hammer is to carry out reciprocating and rapid impact movement in the hydraulic system. This kind of large machine has fast oil return speed and large pulse, which also makes the aging speed of hydraulic pump accelerate continuously, therefore, components such as hydraulic pumps need to be maintained.
With energy accumulator, inferior crushing hammer is prone to problems due to design, manufacture, inspection and other links, and the failure rate is high during use, which is more likely to cause excavator damage.
Before using, the hydraulic system should be preheated. When the crushing hammer is parked, the hydraulic oil on the upper part will flow to the lower part. It is recommended to operate with a small throttle every day at the beginning of use, after the oil film of the piston cylinder is formed, operate with medium throttle to protect the hydraulic system of excavator.
Air beating will not only cause the oil temperature to rise, but also generate abnormal vibration, causing impurities to enter within broken cylinder block, so air beating is strictly prohibited.
Supplement lubricating grease (2H/time) under the condition of steel drill pressing straight. If supplement lubricating grease under the suspended state of steel drill, grease will enter the striking room, when striking, abnormal high pressure oil will be generated in the room, which will enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic pump.
When storing the breaking hammer for a long time, the steel drill should be removed first, and the nitrogen in the upper cylinder should be released to push the piston to the end, so as to avoid rust or napping of the exposed part of the piston to damage large pump of the main engine.
Hydraulic oil pollution is the main cause of hydraulic pump failure, so the hydraulic oil pollution situation should be confirmed in time. Lack of hydraulic oil will cause cavitation and cause hydraulic pump failure.
The oil seal is a vulnerable part. It is recommended to replace the oil seal of the breaking hammer once after the hammer works for 600H ~ 800H; When the oil seal leaks oil, stop working immediately and replace the oil seal. No side dust is easy to enter the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic system and the hydraulic pump.
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