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Pay attention to the time when using the hammer

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Reasonable construction arrangement work includes not only the reasonable adjustment of construction projects and the arrangement of construction personnel's work content, but also the reasonable regulation and control of the operation time of other construction facilities such as breaking hammer. Although the shape of the breaking hammer is huge, we still need to do every protection work for it. Only by reasonably solving all the detailed problems can we effectively ensure that the machines and tools can always be in normal working condition.
When arranging the construction operation of the breaking hammer, if it is in the working state for a long time and with high frequency, it will directly cause the temperature of the breaking hammer to increase continuously. Due to the direct relationship between working time and mechanical state, if the temperature is too high, it is easy to make the engine oil dilute, accelerate the oxidation deterioration speed of the engine oil and aggravate the abrasion degree of the cylinder. When the temperature is too low, the lubricating oil has high viscosity and poor mobility at low temperature, which is not easy to enter the friction surface. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure the lubrication of the machine, thus exacerbating the overall wear degree of the crusher.
In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the breaking hammer will not cause accidents, not only requiring the machinery itself to meet the safety requirements, but also requiring the operators to strictly abide by the safety operation procedures. The safety operation procedures vary greatly depending on the equipment, but the basic safety rules are similar. Effective control of working performance can reduce the damage to machinery.
Adhere to the construction quality as the basis, ensure the safe construction, conscientiously implement various regulations, norms, systems, standards and regulations, actively adopt modern science and technology, promote advanced experience at home and abroad, select mature supporting construction equipment, continuously improve the degree of construction mechanization and improve working conditions. This can not only ensure the overall construction efficiency, but also reduce equipment loss and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.
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