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Safety criteria for use of breaking hammer

Update Time:20/09/10 15:00:09

Facing the complex construction site, when we use other series of construction machinery such as breaking hammer, we should not only guarantee the construction efficiency, but also ensure the construction safety. For the use of breaking hammer, we can follow its relevant safety standards.
The installation project of breaking hammer is the precondition of carrying out construction. Only by improving the installation quality of engineering machinery and equipment can the occurrence of engineering accidents be reduced. In this regard, the installation process and corresponding installation standards of breaking hammer should be determined according to the relevant construction machinery and equipment installation specifications, so as to ensure that the installation personnel and later users can accurately install according to the standards, use a crushing hammer. It is required that the installation staff should strictly check the qualification specification, qualification certificate and other documents of the broken hammer, and check the auxiliary components needed for the installation of the broken hammer at the same time to ensure that the machinery can carry out the installation work smoothly.
Test machine operation, before the breaking hammer is put into use, conduct proper debugging on the mechanical performance and the standardized installation of spare parts, which is also to further detect the quality of the breaking hammer and reduce the failure of the breaking hammer as much as possible. After the test machine is completed, each position should be reinforced again.
The operation is normative, and the configuration of personnel's protective equipment and the selection of operation methods. Before striking, select an appropriate strike point and confirm that drill rod is stable before starting the operation. It can't be used as sledge-hammer. Put drill rod on the ground before the start. Don't try to use crusher as sledge-hammer to crush objects. As a result, the crushing hammer and machinery will cause great damage.
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