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What should Ido when black oil appears on a large scale?

Update Time:20/09/11 15:00:09

In the whole construction project of large crushing hammer, what needs to be prevented is not only the damage of structural accessories, but also pay more attention to the state of hydraulic oil circuit. Aiming at the black oil phenomenon in large crushing hammer, we summarize the following effective measures based on practical operation experience:
Replace dust seal in a timely manner, and do not allow frequent mismatches.
The situation of black oil in the hydraulic system is not only caused by dust, but also caused by improper filling of butter. When adding butter, the large crushing hammer should be lifted up, and the steel drill should be pressed into the piston. When adding butter each time, you only need to add it to the half gun range of standard doper. If the steel drill is not pressed when adding butter, the added butter will be limited on the steel drill tank. When the steel drill is working, the butter will jump directly to the main oil seal position of the large breaking hammer, with the reciprocating movement of the piston, the butter is brought to the body of intermidiate cylinder, and then the hydraulic oil within intermidiate cylinder is mixed into the hydraulic system of the excavator, resulting in abnormal situations such as deterioration and blackening of the hydraulic oil.
Install the oil return filter device to dust the outside world. When replacing hydraulic accessories such as oil pipe, steel pipe and return filter element, the dust or sundries at the interface position should be cleaned up before loosening and replacing.
Upper and Lower bushing excessive wear, bushing can be replaced timely.
If the intake check valve is broken or blocked, check the check valve regularly.
Pay attention to the size of the steel drill and whether it matches the bushing.
To sum up, several points of attention are the protective measures to avoid black oil from large crushing hammers. If you want to know more about the abnormal situations at work, do it in the website news center......
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