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Broken hammer shell has five features

Update Time:20/09/16 09:25:09

① as for the shell of breaking hammer, most of them are made of steel plate and welding material, so it has strong resistance to long time.
② the equipment used in welding and the technicality of relevant operators will have a great impact on the breaking hammer, and there are also great differences in the problems of firmness.
③ the welding stress can be eliminated while ensuring the surface quality of the workpiece at Sand Blaster.
④ special drilling die and specially designed press can effectively guarantee the geometric size and shape of the workpiece. CNC cutting equipment can guarantee the cutting quality and product consistency, and the whole set of machining equipment can effectively avoid the out-of-control quality of outsourcing processing. The overall style and shape all adopt reasonable cutting form, the perfect fit of all parts, the overall intuitive unity, generous and concise.
⑤ the surface treated by corrosion-resistant coating material is smooth and clean, corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, meanwhile, it also improves the durability of breaking hammer, comprehensively improves the sense of quality and modernity.
Generally, the breaking hammer is made of metal and other materials. Due to the combination problem of several parts, it can complete the production, processing, functions such as running. Based on the concept of daily life, we always think that the breaking hammer is too heavy and rough. No matter it is designed, manufactured, or maintained or managed, it is obviously wrong, the shell can protect the breaking hammer. Because the external force factors that the equipment bears are relatively complex, it is impossible to ignore the design of the outer protective structure.
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