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Correct method of replacing long and short bolts

Update Time:20/09/21 10:48:09

The main function of long and short bolts is that in the aspect of connection fastening, the stress situation is relatively complex, so it is easy to be damaged. In the daily maintenance work of breaking hammer, in addition to replacing large vulnerable parts, it is also necessary to check and replace long and short bolts frequently, and check whether the position of bolts and nuts is loose, damaged or falling off, energy Accumulator Bolt whether damage occurs. Today, we will talk about the correct replacement method of long and short bolts.
Before loosening Quintana bolts, nitrogen should be completely drained. In the presence of nitrogen, loosen the bolts strictly to avoid other internal gases causing harm to personnel.
After removing Quintana bolts, check whether there are cracks, abrasion and other damages on the long and short bolts. If there are any damages, replace them in time.
When installing long and short bolts, be careful not to tighten them at one time, and then the next one should be tightened synchronously to avoid overtightening of one.
In terms of tool selection, this is a crucial step for loading and unloading parts. On the one hand, appropriate tools can help the loading and unloading work go smoothly; On the other hand, choosing torque wrench that meets the specifications and applying the force correctly can effectively avoid the situation of screwing the bolts during the installation process.
When installing long and short bolts, operate in strict accordance with the above methods. Due to the negligence of installation, faults often occur when using the breaking hammer in the later stage, which is also a certain thing.
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