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Don't you understand the usage principles of these 10 breaking hammers?

Update Time:20/09/29 14:22:09

The construction environment faced by crushing hammer is very complex, and there are many factors that restrict the performance of machines and tools, and it is also changeable. In this case, the use of crushing hammer has not been paid attention, therefore, it also has a great impact on the machine itself.
1. When using the hammer for the first time, you must first read the relevant operation manual carefully to avoid affecting the progress of the whole construction period due to incorrect operation in the later work.
2. Before operation, check whether the bolts and connectors are loose and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic pipeline.
3. It is forbidden to let the breaking hammer peck holes on the hard rock.
4. It is forbidden to operate under the condition of full extension or full contraction of hydraulic cylinder piston rod.
5. If the hydraulic hose is found to have intense vibration, the construction personnel should stop using the breaking hammer and check the specific pressure situation of energy accumulator.
6. Prevent mutual interference between drill bits of excavator boom breaking hammer.
7. Except for the drill bit, it is forbidden to immerse the crushing hammer into water and use the crushing hammer as a lifting tool.
8. Do not operate the crushing hammer on the side of the excavator track.
9. During the installation and connection of crushing hammer, hydraulic excavator and other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and flow of main engine hydraulic system should meet the technical parameter requirements of crushing hammer.
10. It is recommended to adjust the hydraulic oil temperature of the breaking hammer to the range of 50℃ to-60℃, not more than 80℃. Otherwise, the load of breaking hammer should be appropriately reduced.
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